Limits to frugality - things that simply can't be scrimped on

frugalityMany people have developed mistaken notions or impressions regarding frugality that they carry around their entire life. There are guys that haven’t switched on the air-conditioning for years, grown their own edibles in a veggie patch in their backyard, and refused to take their car out for Sunday shopping. But realization might dawn that not all issues under the sun can be compromised on, and there are some matters that are not worth saving or scrimping up for. The well qualified legal opinion is too good to miss out on It may be easier to download an e book on bankruptcy and create a CD for your personal use and action and take help from DIY sites, and many people might be doing this successfully, and doing a good job too. But you can’t escape the gut feeling that the final results could have been improved upon a great deal if you had spent an hour in consultation with the vastly experienced lawyer next door. Attorney services have undergone a paradigm shift in recent decades. Nowadays, it may be wholly unnecessary to insist on a one to one face off with an attorney to discuss issues that concern you when interactive websites are bringing qualified legal advice to your laptop. This could be indicative of what the future holds in store for lawyers, businessmen and productive individuals, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on this revolution to save a dime or a dollar. Neglecting dental care can create expensive complications in the longer term You needn’t be too proud of skipping your periodical dental cleaning or checkup routine because the dimes you are stashing away as savings could be destined to flow down the drains as copious dollars for facilitating emergency medical care. It has been clinically proved that a person tends to aggravate disorders and create many medical complications by ignoring dental decay and tooth problems, and we are talking of heart disease and Alzheimer’s to name just two that are worsened by neglecting dental health. It is possible that the $150 that you scrimped by avoiding a dental clean up could ultimately lead to larger complications and extensive damage that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair, rectify and reuse down the road. Compromise the quality of your footwear at your peril The cheaper flip-flops that you picked up on vacation or that comfortable but not very durable shoe that graced your feet for a short duration have become like lifelong purchases that you keep repeating every time you get bitten by the frugality bug. But have you spared some thought to your feet that have taken all shades of abuse for the sake of your frugality. Shoes that didn’t fit, providing inadequate heel support, and which are slippery when they are moist are just a handful of problems that frugality gifted to your tired, swollen and abused feet. Consider the fact that your feet face an uphill task doing the gardening, cleaning the home, pacing the office, shopping the malls and hiking the mountain trails. They deserve something special to make them feel comforted and loved and cared for, even if it costs an extra dollar. Also remember that you are better off avoiding foot problems that are expensive to cure and heal. Minimize transportation costs without risking safety frugality2Travelling from point A to place B might seem an adventure and using public transportation the frugally ideal way of pinching pennies, but don’t hesitate to reconsider your options especially when you are travelling in places that you know nothing about. Unknown to you the public transport could be unreliable wasting precious time, and it could be unsafe and there’s no point in risking your family’s safety for a few dollars. Besides, the unheralded cab could fleece you or take you for a ride or both and leave your purse drained, charging expenses you can’t argue with. In such situations consider a premium service with clear and transparent pick up and drop points and visible tariffs that you can budget and control. Buying furniture cheaply disturbs long term goals It must have been thrilling buying and outfitting your entire apartment with cheap but glamorous looking furniture. Unfortunately, it didn’t last beyond a year and everything started giving way till you were saddled with a refit just when expenses were piling up beyond endurance. The ideal way to tackle furniture buys is to assess the wear and tear that these items will be subjected to, and decide a reasonable time frame that you can afford to replace them in due course. If you have kids that are growing up fast you can be doubly sure that what you purchase today should be tough enough and durable enough to survive quite a few winters of discontent. And when you finally decide to purchase the furniture, remember that it is the wiser decision to opt for quality even if that destroys half the salary. Convince your conscience that it is like an investment in your future, and the items must remain long enough around you so that you can enjoy the quality and appreciate the purchase. Frugality is by itself a worthwhile goal in life if it bestows a certain level of comfort and joy that you have come to expect from life. But it is also equally important knowing when to let frugality take a toss, especially when you do not desire to sacrifice an ounce of your longevity, good health and safety in the years to come. Generations will love you and appreciate you for the good sense you display.

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