Being a busy body at home

Being a busy body at home can be a paying proposition

People generally believed that having a home based job carried its fair share of negatives, but that wouldn’t describe the entire story. For starters, it may keep you tied down to a single stream of income, but there is a silver lining, and parents of growing families are finding ways to dramatically supplement their income while they strike roots at home. Here we present life regenerating tips that could potentially earn you thousands of dollars while you are comfortably seated in your favorite chair or cuddly sofa at home, even as you look after your baby and tend to home affairs:

Your opinion can create gift and money opportunities

There are online polls galore that do not consume more than ten to twenty five minutes of your day that would love to gather your feedback or opinion on a variety of issues without taxing your brain. The Harris Poll Online is one such example, a site that shares poll data with government departments, legislators and corporate tycoons to help them keep a pulse on public opinion. The public gets the opportunity to accumulate points that can be redeemed at famous retailers, fast food joints and convenience stores. A lucky few have the fortune of winning the sweepstakes with prizes raking in $10,000 and more. The exciting point is that signing up to participate in many of these online polls like Swagbucks and SurveyClub is a dream.

The action is hotting up in website evaluation

Usually companies spend billions of dollars annually to evaluate their online presence using their own staff and cutting edge technology, but this can be an expensive process that doesn’t really guarantee satisfactory results. But companies like User Testing are changing all that by getting you and me to survey and evaluate websites for the ease with which these sites can be navigated and the operational functionality of their web apps. You can sign up with UserTesting armed with just a computer, a strong internet connection and a microphone, and you are ready to evaluate a website. UserTesting assesses your demographic profile and allots work to you if your profile complements the target audience that their client website is addressing. Using a company screen recorder you can tape your voice samples as you comment on the features in the website that you are browsing online. Expectedly, this creates actionable feedback that could dramatically alter the way web companies market their products and design their websites. For you and me there’s around $60 that could be made for an hour’s evaluation, which is not a small amount to earn when you are sitting idle.

Providing online feedback for experienced attorneys

If you live within the territorial jurisdiction of the US of A, for example, you could get into the business of providing feedback to attorneys on their cases that are scheduled for trial, becoming something like a mock jury in the process. You sign up with a site like EJury and receive e mail notifications whenever a case comes up for trial in your locality. Some of the tasks assigned to you will be to voice negatives that could weaken the defense of a case, search and locate law info that could bolster the defense and ensure that the case study is error free and gets its law quotes right. It’s not as tough as it sounds, and you could have plenty of work at your table earning you at least $10 for a 35 minute case study, payments reaching you through PayPal. Obviously, being a member of the legal fraternity is a disqualification for this kind of job, and metro audiences enjoy better scope for generating work than their rural counterparts. OnlineVerdict pays upward of $60 per review of one hour and twenty minutes in assessing more intellectually stimulating cases.

The multipurpose online personal assistant

Many companies and corporate tycoons would love to get a thousand things done, the drawback being that their own staff is unavailable as they are completely tied up in the daily routine. Sites like Fancy Hands give you the opportunity of personally assisting other companies to handle their routine work. It allows you to set your own time frames and prioritize tasks to maintain contact with company clients, schedule corporate conferences, answer queries and locate the best avenues to plug company products and services. Payment could be task wise at $8 per hour, graduating to a fixed weekly income based on the previous week’s inputs and results. As you can imagine, the avenues for generating side income are enormous in this type of work, as you steadily improve your networking skills.

Becoming an online tutor to aspiring students

It won’t take you long to spell out your mojo – the task that brings out your creativity in bushels. There will always be a subject that you are an expert at, and it may be high time you translated that expertise into a paying job as an online tutor. For starters, you can browse the listings in Craigslist to get an idea about hourly rates prevailing in your locality or in a wider geographical area, and then sign up with a bigger firm like Tutor. For immediate access, you need a valid degree and at least five hours of weekly availability to coach struggling students. Your experience and demand will determine the fees or hourly rates, and the sky is virtually the limit in this field where many individuals have found it profitable to start their own full time ventures.

Blogging – the freelancer’s ultimate paying paradise

Being a work at home parent can have its advantages because there is a wealth of information that you would love to share with millions of other people like you, and it’s a bonus if you could get paid for doing that. If your work smacks of undiluted originality and has a flavor and character all of its own, blogging could be the El Dorado you are searching for. You can pay a nominal sum to get the blog started with WordPress and leverage GoDaddy for identifying the domain name, creating your personalized email addresses and getting the data storage and webhosting work done. To get the money rolling in, you can use Google AdSense to bring advertisements into the blog. You could endorse products of other companies through affiliate marketing, getting paid for the clicks that generate direct income through the company ads. People have created successful blogs that earn decent money running into thousands of dollars, and have graduated into full time websites within a year or two.

Doing freelance creative content writing

It is not entirely necessary that you need to cultivate a blog to earn money through writing. There are ways to earn money, and still enjoy the creative freedom involved in generating highly specialized and customized articles or essays. There are sites like Upwork that bring clients and contractors (writers) together on a single online platform to perform creative writing assignments that earn money on an hourly or weekly basis. FreelanceWriting and Textbroker are some other sites that pay for creative inputs. Freelancers can also tap media houses requiring content writers and creative writers with a flair for intellectually stimulating articles that grab eyeballs and provide routine information in an attractive package.

A recent Forbes survey revealed that Physicians and Radiologists working from home notched up an average of $2,000 in weekly earnings; a software engineer made $1,600; a personal financial advisor made $1,400; a post-secondary teacher made $1,300; market and corporate survey researchers sourced $1,200, just to cite a few examples of professionals that supplemented their income through home based jobs.

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